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Where will we sleep during the trip?

Santana Trophy is an adventure, but there are things that must never be left to chance. We will alternate between camping in beautiful landscapes and sleeping in comfortable hotels and vivaqs.




Do I need a special visa to enter Morocco?

The Spanish teams and most of the EU countries only need a valid passport with a validity longer than 6 months after the date of entering the country.


For other nationalities, we recommend checking with your Ministry of Foreign Affairs, consulates or embassies.




Do I need any vaccines?

There’s no need to get special vaccines to travel to Morocco




What other expenses does attending Santana Trophy have?

By signing up most of your necessities will be covered, but please keep in mind these other very probable expenses:


Fine tuning of your vehicle: depending on it’s actual state, it’s model and year, you will have to invest more or less in this, but an expense of 200€ or 600€ can assure you a safer and more comfortable Santana Trophy.


Personal insurance (required): 20€ per person


Fuel: Diesel oil costs in Morocco is 0.9€/l and petrol costs 1.3€/l. The race is around 2000 km through Morocco. plus the distance covered by each team to reach the starting point in Linares.  


Other expenses: Food cans, cold meats, drinks, bread and other desired food for the lunches en route. Also keep in mind issues that may come up through the trip, and of course, souvenirs! (Around 200€ to 400€)




Where do I exchange the currency?

Morocco’s official currency is the Dirham, with an exchange of around 1€ = 11Dh. Upon arrival at Tanger Med, there will be different exchange houses; we recommend doing most of your exchange there, although we will pass through towns and cities with bank offices and cash machines.




Is there mobile coverage in Morocco?

As a general rule, there’s mobile coverage in over 80% of the Santana Trophy’s track. Each team must carry at least one mobile phone which must be on permanently during each of the stages. Remember to activate your roaming preferences.




What happens if my car has a breakdown in Morocco?

The organization has sweeper vehicles with professionals who will be in charge of rescuing, advise and help with any mechanical problem that may arise during the stages.


If repairing the problem then and there isn’t possible, it will be towed to the nearest town or village to proceed with the necessary repairs, or assisted to at the end of the stage.


The sweeper cars will follow the last vehicle in the race, and they are obligated to stop and pick up all the teams they find on the track set by the organization.


It’s said that inside all Moroccans there’s a mechanic, and normally mechanical issues are solved. If it comes to the worst and your Land Rover is unrepairable, the only thing left to do is laugh, use your roadside assistance and enjoy the rest of your holiday in Morocco. Lodging and food expenses will of course still be available to those participants that have to withdraw from the race but still want to follow the Santana Trophy caravan by their own means.



Maintenance and preparations

Santana Trophy is not an extreme 4x4 race, and there’s no specific preparation needed for the cars. A Land Rover Santana or Series in good state and with a basic maintenance is almost surely a guarantee to a safe race.


These parts must be up to date for the race:

  • The motor’s refrigerator and fan

  • Verified and greased transmissions  

  • Verified box’s liquids

  • Brakes in good condition


All the legalized modifications which don’t pose any danger for the team or the rest of the vehicles are permitted.

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