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Orientation and navigation


Santana Trophy wants to go back in time not only with it’s vehicles, but by emulating the former motor expeditions in which compass and paper where the rule to follow.


Each team will receive a roadbook which must be followed during the race, using the compass and a reliable speedometer to reach the finish line: Marrakech




A roadbook details the important elements that will be found during the itinerary set by the organization. It shows the distances between the starting point and some remarkable element (total kilometres) and between consecutive elements (partial kilometres). These could be, for example, control units or intersections, among other things.























To follow the roadbook’s indications, an accurate and reliable speedometer is an absolute requirement. If your car doesn’t have a partial resettable speedometer, we recommend installing an additional one. There are other solutions like the TerraTrip measuring gadgets or specific mobile apps like GPS Trip, by Joao Simoes (available on Android devices).

Remember that the roadbook indicated the most appropiate way to reach the end of the stage. Trying to do it in a straight line can take you to paths or difficult terrain that will make you waste time and effort. In the desert, a straight line is NOT the fastest route.


It’s important that you follow the roadbook at all moments, even if you are following another team. Strength is in numbers, and two navigators are always better than one.


If you ever think you’re lost, assess your situation before moving. The ideal thing to do is turn back and try to find one of the Control Points that the organization sets to reorient yourself and continue on the right path.

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