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What is it?

Santana Trophy is a tribute, an homage to the past, to the classic Land Rovers and to the pioneers in rally raids like the first few Paris-Dakar or Camel Trophy.


Santana Trophy is a race made up of 6 stages driving Land Rover Santana and Series. Navigation, orientation, driving-ability tests and rescues are all part of the day to day of the event, but friendship and comradeship play a key role in getting past the numerous obstacles; all of this set in the spectacular landscapes of Morocco.


Santana Trophy is not a time trial race or an extreme 4x4 race. All the itineraries are chosen and further verified by the organization to be sure they are perfectly acceptable for all the permitted models.


The competition is decided by a score that favors the teams that more closely follow the track set by the organization, bonifies the least potent cars and establishes a series of tests in which the teams will have to show their dedication and intelligence in order to pass them.

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