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  • I have never been to Morocco or participated in a Raid before. Is that a problem?
    NOT AT ALL. Santana Trophy is a Touristic Raid designed for all Classic Land Rover owners. No previous knowledge is necessary, just a desire to enjoy your Land Rover in unique landscapes alongside your co-pilot. Additionally, when a team registers, they have access to the intranet where they will find documents prepared by the organization to prepare different aspects of the event.
  • What is the minimum age to participate in Santana Trophy?
    The minimum age to participate is 16 years as long as the other member of the team is of legal age and has a valid driver's license.
  • When is the itinerary known?
    "The TWO official Santana Trophy reconnaissance missions take place between the months of December and March. After each of them, small pieces of information are provided so that the teams can properly prepare for the event. The final itinerary is NOT disclosed until a few weeks before the start of the event."
  • Where will we stay during the trip?
    The camps where we stay during Santana Trophy are an added attraction in this sense: A traveling Bivouac with traditional Moroccan aesthetics that is set up for each stage. In them, we can find: Camping area, WC, showers, dining area/comfort zone, and an area dedicated to repairs by our mechanical team. Both the teams and the organization sleep in their own tents, cars, or outdoors. In some editions, a MARATHON STAGE is scheduled in which teams spend the night in TOTAL AUTONOMY, having to carry everything necessary to spend a night without any infrastructure from the organization.
  • How can I Sign-Up?
    Visit the 'Sign-Up' section of our website where you can find all the relevant information.
  • What other expenses does Santana Trophy involve?
    Although registration includes almost everything you need, consider the following extra expenses: Car preparation: Depending on the current condition, model, and year of your vehicle, you may need to invest more or less in this area, but a small investment in this regard can give you the necessary peace of mind to face Santana Trophy. Fuel: Diesel is at €1.4/l and gasoline at €1.5/l. We will cover about 1,900 km through Morocco plus the distance each team has to cover to get to the starting point. Other expenses: Cans, cold cuts, drinks, bread for lunches on the road. Also, plan for souvenir purchases and any inconveniences that may arise during the adventure.
  • Is any special visa needed to enter Morocco?
    Teams with Spanish nationality and from most EU countries only need to have a valid passport with an expiration date more than 6 months after entering Morocco. For other nationalities, we recommend inquiring at your ministry of foreign affairs, consulates, or embassies.
  • Where do I exchange money?
    In Morocco, the official currency is the Moroccan Dirham, which exchanges at 1€ = 10Dh. Euro bills are also accepted in most places. We recommend paying for the first tank of fuel with Euros if you haven't been able to exchange for the local currency. The itinerary passes through towns and cities with bank branches and ATMs. IMPORTANT: Have a small amount of Dirhams for official payments such as highway tolls.
  • Do I need vaccinations?
    No vaccinations are required to visit Morocco.
  • Is there mobile coverage in Morocco?
    As a general rule and depending on the company, there is mobile coverage on more than 70% of the Santana Trophy route. Each team must have at least one mobile phone permanently switched on during the stages. Remember to activate the ability to make and receive calls from abroad (roaming).
  • What if my car breaks down in Morocco?
    The organization has sweep vehicles and mechanics with professionals on board who will be responsible for rescuing, advising, and assisting in case of a mechanical problem along the stages. If it is not possible to repair, the vehicle will be towed to a town to continue with the repair or to receive assistance at the end of the stage. The sweep vehicles will pass after the last participant and are obliged to stop to pick up all the teams found along the route marked by the organization. It is said that every Moroccan carries a mechanic inside, and mechanical breakdowns usually have a solution. In the worst-case scenario, if your Land Rover cannot be repaired, all you can do is smile, resort to roadside assistance, and enjoy the rest of your vacation in Morocco. Accommodations, the final hotel, and meals will remain available for those participants who have to abandon and wish to continue following the Santana Trophy caravan on their own.
  • What should I check on my car?
    Santana Trophy is not an extreme 4x4 test, and no specific preparation is needed for the vehicles. A Land Rover Santana or Series in good condition with basic maintenance is almost a guarantee of a smooth raid. It is essential that your Land Rover has: Engine cooling and fan. Checked and lubricated transmissions. Verified gearbox fluids. Brakes in good condition. All modifications that do not pose a danger to the team or other vehicles are allowed.
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